Diet Drops

by Steve

Hi there everyone and this week is going to be the 3rd week of the diet plan. Curiously the diet plan is still properly under control with no hunger pangs or cravings for sugary food items. In reality I realised precisely how effective the suppresents are in these drops, if that’s the right expression to use because today I had been on a course which presented food before you throughourt the day and many of the cakes looked delightful!

I’m going to confess I did eat one of the jelly babies but they left this bowl before me throughout the lecture but again what I was extremely happy with has been the fact that I only consumed the one and I realise for sure that prior to these drops I’d have demolished the dish over the day and would most likely have really enjoyed the cakes which are available throughout lunch break.

Really the only letdown for me this week was my weight loss but when I sat back again and thought about it, I laughed.

I think when you’re on a diet you get greedy meaning that you expect to have magnificent results each week. This week I became initially disappointed to have only lost 2lbs until eventually I remembered that is 10lbs in a matter of 3 weeks. Moreover I realized the other day that my coat is not snug once i zipped it up the other day because i rarely zip up my coat and it is usually somewhat snug so I realize my body appearance is actually changing which happens to be what I was indeed going after.

And so I am going to find out what will happen now during the 4th week however the one important thing I can easily say for certain is the fact staying on a diet hasn’t ever been easier for me personally, so I know that I will obtain the results I want.

a few additional pounds and I break the psychological hurdle of 12 stone to 11 stone something. I can not wait