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E-BooksLet’s face it, these days you don’t go to the library or turn to your printed version of yellow pages if you need to find something out.  Most people simply switch on their pc, laptop or mobile device and use a search engine such as Google to find what they’re looking for.

This is great news for local businesses who can take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the internet to get their message to market out there and to promote their own website.

Ebooks as a  marketing tool

One of the most effective way of reaching people and giving them the information that they seek is to write an ebook.  As a simple rule, the content of an ebook should be something that the business owner has experience in and is relevant to the content on the company’s website.

Another positive about ebooks is that they can be used to increase an organisation’s reputation and to increase traffic to the website.  They can also be used for valuable data capture.

Step by Step Guide

The online marketing newsletter .rising has published a useful infographic that shows step by step the reasons why you should add ebooks to your online marketing strategy, what content you should include and how to promote it to your exisiting and potential customers.

Swansea Creatives has been using ebooks to deliver its own marketing strategy and that of its clients for a number of years.

It would like more help and guidance on how to develop or market ebooks, call us today on 01792 324321.

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