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by Steve


When it comes to search engine optimisation, UK companies have to take SEO serious. What is SEO? SEO Is all about getting your website, your face book, your LinkedIn, your twitter and all of your various accounts ranked on Google. I say Google because 90% of all searches are carried out using the Google search engine. So what do I mean? Let’s say we were talking reputation marketing Swansea. Type the search in and this is what a business would do or what a consumer would do if they were looking for a reputation marketing company in Swansea. They would do a search, I’m here on a laptop but it could be a mobile device, it can be an Ipad, it can be an Iphone, it could be anything. One thing I want you to realise is that devices have changed and more and more people, I think the figures up to 60%, of people are now searching using a mobile device so you need to make sure your search engine optimisation is optimised for all of these devices.


So here we are doing a search for reputation marketing in Swansea, here’s our business and here’s our business again so we’re also number two on Google, we’re number three on Google, we’re number four on Google, In fact, even this is one of our sites, and if we take the LinkedIn as well and we’re ranking multiple times on page one. And this is important because when you think of doing a Google search, let’s just talk about a different search and talk about Swansea plumber. So we go plumber Swansea and when we talk about search engine rankings we’re talking about the fact that we have the box of seven which is the local maps where people and business owners have taken the time to get listed and are now ranking in the box of seven on page 1 of Google.


And then you have what they call the organic searches which include yell which is a business directory, is a business dorectory, Thomsonlocal is a business directory, freeindex is a directory so you can all of these are business directories. The actual local businesses, the people who have optimised their businesses pages and their websites are ranking here in the box of seven. So, what you’re looking for is a specialist or a consultant who knows how to do search engine optimisation. And when we’re talking about search engine optimisation, we’re not just talking about search engine optimisation for your website; we’re talking about search engine optimisation for things like your LinkedIn profile, all the things that can help your business get ranked here on page one of Google. So, if you’re looking for an agency or you’re looking for an SEO company that has the services that you need or a company that can provide you with tips on how to do your search engine optimisation to get you ranked on page one of Google, then click on the banner below and arrange for your free 30-minute consultation.

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