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When it comes to search engine optimisation, UK companies need to use the services of UK located consultants or agencies and there’s a reason for that. I’m just going to demonstrate the way the search engines work. Now, the first thing you need to realise that here in the UK, Google is the most dominate search engine with which I believe it’s over 90% of searches being carried out using Google. With this particular example, I’m here on my laptop and you need to realise as well that more 50%, I think the figure is something like 60%, of people now use mobiles, mobile devices such as Ipads and androids when their actually doing the searches. So, all of the searches are working differently depending on what device you’re using. I need to demonstrate that, let’s just use an example when it comes to doing a search, here in the UK using a laptop. So I put in the word plumber and I hit enter. And what happens is Google already knows that I’m here in Swansea. It knows because it’s going by my IP address so it’s brought up two locations here in Swansea. But remember now, I only used the word plumber so it’s brought up Swansea plumbers, Thomsonlocal Swansea plumbers but now it’s starts looking more generic because it’s not sure if it’s just pure Swansea based stuff I’m looking for, so it begins to show you all these other searches.


Now compare that to doing a search if I was doing a search again now. We’ll do another search but this time we’ll go ‘plumber Swansea’, now this time Google knows I’m looking for a plumber in Swansea so it brings up the box of 7 with all the maps and you can see all these other businesses listed on Google maps, all these little red dots. You can see hear that everything here that the whole page is targeting Swansea based in plumbers. It’s important that you understand this and why you need to use a UK based SEO agency if you’re going to decide to try and target and use search engine optimisation to drive more traffic to your business because things like mobile devices, when you do a search with a mobile device and just put in the word plumber, Google would know that that mobile was actually located here in Swansea. It would know your geolocation so therefore now that it knows where you are, it would bring up the most relevant searches, the same as if you were in London it would bring up London plumbers and the same in Newcastle if you searched for Newcastle plumbers. It knows from your geolocation from your mobile device. And as I’ve already pointed out here with the laptop, it knows from my IP address where I’m based. Just to show you what I mean by that, if I click here on settings, I could actually lie to this machine now say can you just do a search and assume that I’m based in Cardiff. So if I click save and click ok, and now I’ve done plumber and as you notice, immediately it’s brought up all these Cardiff plumbers. So when your looking for a consultant or a company that provides SEO services, make sure that it’s UK based so that they know how the search engines work in this country and this location and preferably choose one based in your area. And by area, I mean if you’re looking in Swansea, Cardiff or any South Wales company, if I was over in London I would probably want a London based company. I’d be looking for someone who knows what search engines look like in that particular location and knows the area well. So, what I suggest you do if you want to know more about search engine optimisation here in the UK, then click on the link below and book your free 30 minute consultation.

Search Engine Optimisation UK

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