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SEO is very important to every local business in Swansea. In fact, whatever city of any country right across the World, SEO is an important factor in running any business where you’re looking to optimize online presence. And here in the UK, what you have to realise is that over 90% of searches carried out by consumers or businesses are carried out using the Google platform, so we can’t ignore it. In fact, when you do a Google search and come up with the search results, you’ll find that, I think the figure is something like only 2%, of people will go to page 2 of Google. The only platform that you’re targeting is to get here on page one of Google when you’re searching for something. So say for arguments sake that you were looking for an SEO company in the UK or here in Swansea. We could type in SEO business Swansea and see what that comes out with. You can see here, that we’re ranked on page one on Google. Out of 1.39 million results, here we are on page one.


It’s important that you’re on this page one, as I just mentioned, very few people will start looking at page two and page three and in fact, when you’re talking about search engine optimisation, you’re trying to be at the top of the page because people only tend to click on the first results that they see. We’ve looked at this before, let’s go back to look at, let say, plumber in Swansea. We’d go, plumber Swansea, we’d do that search and again it would be these top results that would get the most clicks through to their website and to their Google+ business page where they at least have the best chance of quoting for their business. So, it’s important that when you’re looking for SEO services, whether it be for the UK, worldwide or locally like your home city Swansea, then you want to make sure that the agency or the consultants that you deal with fully understand search engine optimisation because it isn’t just about getting your website ranked.


We’re talking about getting your listings that could be on Yell or Thomsonlocal or in this particular case mybuilder and freeindex. There are all business directories that could also be listed on page one of Google, therefore you want to be dealing with someone that makes these things happen. How to optimize your website, your facebook page, your twitter profile, your LinkedIn etc…  To get them ranking on page one of Google so you’re driving more traffic  and in other videos and other parts of the site, we’ll show you how to convert those visitors into paying customers, patients, clients or whatever market it is your dealing with. So if you want to know more about SEO and search engine optimisation then simply click the link below and arrange you’re free 30 minute consultation.


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