What do Your Reviews Say About You?

by Steve

What do Your Reviews Say About You?

The world of business, and business marketing, is becoming an increasingly more competitive and difficult environment. As the sheer number of businesses increase, the demand from consumers is also growing just as fast, but how do you keep up? and how do you stand out from the vast amount of competition?

There are a number of marketing tools and techniques that you can use to boost your brand awareness, or increase your search engine rank, but consumers will ultimately still be bombarded with a number of other businesses and organisations telling them to use they are the best in the industry, and consumers should be using their products or services.

It is becoming more and more apparent that reviews are a clear way to help businesses stand out from the crowd. If you search on Google for local restaurants, which one are you most likely to pick; the one with a two star rating, the one with a four star rating, or the one who has a five star rating? It would be hard to find anyone at all who would choose the two star restaurant. Reviews help a business stand out on the search page, and they also lend business credibility in the eyes of the consumer; in general people will trust third party reviews more so than a business’s own opinions of itself.

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Do Positive Reviews Motivate Consumers?
It seems intuitive that a negative review corpus would severely limit a business’s online opportunities. And likewise that a positive review  corpus would expand them. But these recent surveys indicate that a negative collection of reviews is much more likely to harm a business than positive reviews are going to help them.”

Google is now recognising the power and influence of reviews for businesses, and a number of major changes are coming in order to make better use of this. How can you be prepared?

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Google Now Displaying Full Review Snippets in the Knowledge Panel
Off and on for the past few months Google has been showing reviews in the Knowledge panel for local searches. James Gibbons pointed out today that he was now seeing them 

more regularly. I would have to agree. This may be a more extensive test or it may be the new normal…”

Facebook is also now offering a rating system for business pages that is located at the very top of the page, directly below the business name. Reviews are now beginning to stand out and catch your eye across all platforms, and providing your reviews are good, why not make use of them on your social media platforms, website, leaflets, emails, and more.

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Using Google Reviews On Your Website
The question often comes up whether a business can and should use their Google & Yelp reviews on their website. Leaving aside the value to the user experience for a minute, I was curious about the legal issues involved. A small business would be foolish to use those reviews if the costs of litigation would be onerous.”

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