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Swansea Composite Decking Company Expands Display

By | Press Releases, DG Heath

D.G. Heath, a Swansea, South Wales-based timber products seller specializing in decking and flooring for both inside and outside of the house, is proud to announce the recent expansion of their display area to include even more products they have on offer. Representatives from the company say that the new expansion is an even better way for both customers and tradesmen to come in and see what kinds of decking and balustrade options are available for any home project.

“We’re very excited about this expansion of our display area,” Dean Heath from D.G. Heath says. “We’ve always felt that coming in and seeing for yourself what your deck or floor will look like is the best way to help make the decision. Being able to display even more products is great for our customers, and for tradesmen looking for materials for their next project.”

Outdoor decking can come in different types of wood, such as hardwood and redwood decking, or PVC styles, such as granite or walnut. But one of the most popular types of decking is composite decking, which is typically made with an almost equal mix of recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers.

The positives of composite decking are many, Dean says. One of the biggest is that composite decking is impervious to rotting and is durable. “With the changing weather we have in South Wales, composite decking is perfect for homeowners,” he says. “Wood decks tend to need sanding, sealing, and staining, not to mention regular plank replacement. It will last you a long time with very little maintenance.”

Dean also notes that composite decking is resistant to mold and insects and won’t stain or fade after installation. “It’s really easy to clean,” Health states. “All you have to do is spray it down with a hose with a little of the recommended cleaner on a regular basis and it will keep for a long time. There is no worrying about any warping or twisting of the deck, and best of all, no splinters.”

Another perk of composite decking for contractors is that it is easier to install than traditional decks. Dean says, “The installation of a composite deck uses a lot of the same tools as a traditional deck, but there are a number of grooves on the sides with hidden fasteners. The fasteners help create a smooth surface and the end result doesn’t show any screws.”

DG Heath also offers a number of products for inside the home as well as outside. Their doors section includes latches, locks, handles, and ball bearings, as well as doors in several different colors, woods, finishes, and designs. Their staircase section includes brackets, handrails, spindles, newels and newel caps. They offer wall and insulation products that can be tailored to a specific project, and various types of paneling for bathrooms.

The Swansea business is also a verified underfloor heating supplier. They have experience in giving a free quotation and walking customers through the costs associated with installing a heating system under the floor of the home. They are an approved installer of Warmup heating systems and can typically install a system within hours for most projects, without having to raise the floor.

The company has been supplying flooring products for over 20 years in the Swansea area, offering a number of options and accessories including laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, hardwood, underlay, finishing trims, adhesives and levelers, and finishing products and maintenance products.

For over 30 years, family-run DG Heath has been supplying Swansea and the surrounding areas with high quality products including flooring, fencing, decking, doors, garden buildings, sheet materials like plywood, and general timber. Their indoor and outdoor displays are built to show a wide array of finished installations. The company also cuts any kind of timber measured and cut to size.

The company’s commitment to their customers has generated a number of positive reviews from their customers. Dave E. has this to say about DG Heath’s services: “I have been using DG Heath to supply materials for my building, home renovation and garden landscaping projects for many years. It is my first point of contact for advice on product suitability. Always great advice, service, pricing and delivery. I expect to be using them for a lot more work in the future too. Always a pleasure to deal with.”

More information on the products provided by the composite decking company can be found on their website. People are also welcome to visit the newly expanded displays. Tradesmen can also sign up on the company website to apply for a DG Heath Trade Account.


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Swansea Human Resources Expert Sets Up To Support Mediation For Local Businesses

By | Press Releases, HCHR

A leading Swansea HR expert has trained to become a professional, workplace mediation specialist with the aim of supporting local organisations who may be facing a breakdown in their business relationships.

Shakira Joyner, Managing Director of independent HR consultancy, HCHR, has undertaken an intensive mediation course with a market leading training organisation, having identified a gap in the market for this service in South West Wales.

The principle aim of workplace mediation is to restore and maintain a business or employment relationship by enabling both parties to work together to move forward rather than focus on what has been right or wrong in the past. This process, which is a viable and less costly alternative to a disciplinary or grievance procedure is included within the ACAS code of conduct.

Says Shakira, “When it comes to a breakdown in a business relationship, mediation is a completely different approach to managing issues in the workplace. This is particularly important if the conflict is between directors, for example, or a business owner and a senior employee.

“There are huge benefits to businesses who embrace the workplace mediation process which is wholly results focused. Unlike a traditional disciplinary or grievance procedure, which can be costly in terms of both time and money, mediation actually delivers a solution to an issue without finger pointing or getting bogged down in who is right or who is wrong.”

The company is offering businesses across the region this workplace mediation service as part of an integrated HR package or as a stand alone option on a need by need basis. It can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes, whether they have their own in-house HR team or not. In particular, it is an affordable and practical option for small businesses in who can ill afford a lengthy or unsatisfactory grievance or disciplinary procedure.

Adds Shakira, “HCHR is one of only a small number of organisations in this area who can offer professional workplace mediation as a specialist service. I undertook a very demanding training course to be able to qualify to deliver mediation to local businesses. The course was important as it takes a certain skill and objectivity to be able to mediate effectively in a workplace, which is a completely different skill from more traditional HR services most of us are comfortable with.

“Impartiality together with confidentiality is key in terms of acheiving a resolution that satisfies both parties. And unlike a grievance process, which can often seem like ‘bullying’, the focus is on facilitating communication between the parties in dispute, enabling them to develop a mutually acceptable agreement to improve their future working relationship.”


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Easy Move Removals Adds Home Moving Packing Cases to Their Services

By | Press Releases, Easy Move Removals

Easy Move Removals from Swansea has added the option to include packing cases in their home moving services.

Packing is a crucial part of any home move and if householders get it wrong the result can be costly. As a result, Easy Move Removals now offers home movers the option to purchase professional packing cases, so they can pack their belongings themselves. Alternatively, their fully trained staff can take care of part or all the packing needs themselves.

Home movers who opt for the Easy Move Removals full packing service will benefit from a team of packers who come to the home prior to the move and they will pack all belongings and prepare all items ahead of the move. Staff have access to quality packing materials and are trained, experienced professionals. Having Easy Move staff carry out the packing also gives home movers superior insurance cover.

Explains Wayne Florance, MD from Easy Move Removals, explains why the company has introduced this new home moving service: “Our extensive experience shows that home movers prefer to have a professional packing service offered by their home removal company to ensure the safety carriage of their possessions. This additional service also takes away an additional headache for the home owners who have other issues to deal with when it comes to moving home.”

Antique or highly polished furniture in particular requires specialist wrapping for extra protection. Pictures or extra delicate items like glasses and mirrors may also require crating. Easy Move’s experienced packers will ensure these items are packed in a stable, safe position during the home move.

Easy Moves’ new packaging service also includes a part packing service where their professional packers will pack delicate items and the customer is charged per box packed which is an ideal option for those watching their home move budget. For those who prefer to pack their possessions themselves, Easy Move Removals will provide a free loan of packing cases and tape with other packing items such as bubble wrap available to purchase from the company.

“We always prefer to do the packing ourselves,” continues Wayne, “as we can guarantee safe transit and it also helps to reduce insurance costs. But we do understand why some home movers prefer to pack their own possessions, so an addition to our services include a guide on how to pack in order to protect the goods to minimise breakages during the move.”

Easy Move Removals’ home moving packing case service is available for home moves of all sizes, including their Man and a Van service, as well as for commercial office moves.


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Timber Supplier DG Heath Increases Bulk Purchases To Stabilize Supply After Shortage

By | Press Releases, DG Heath

DG Heath Timber Products, Ltd. has announced that they have increased their stock area, allowing the Swansea based company to make larger bulk purchases of timber. The company hopes that this move will stabilize pricing and supply for local tradesmen after a year-long shortage of timber.

DG Heath Timber Products is a family owned timber supply company that serves Swansea, South Wales, and surrounding areas. With 30 years of experience, the company has seen market ups and downs. Dean Heath attributes their success to a focus on expertise, quality, service, and value. He stated, “Increasing our stock area has given us the ability to make larger bulk timber purchases. With more timber consistently available, local prices will stabilize and tradesmen will have a supply they can count on. The forest fires and increased building have hit the industry hard. We hope this move will bring back some consistency in the market.”

The building industry is not the only one competing for a supply of timber. Timber is also used to create paper, charcoal, cooking, toothpicks, utility poles, and fuel. A shortage can affect many markets from publishing to utility service. This increases the demand for timber on a large scale, causing instability in multiple markets.

Last year, the timber industry has suffered from unreliable supply and unpredictable prices. Experts attribute the volatility to forest fires and higher demand for quality construction material. The shortage has especially impacted the supply of round timber logs of a desirable size for processing and use in a variety of building applications. Round timber logs are processed into many of the wood products used in construction.

The journey from tree to structure requires many steps. First, timber is harvested from a property by loggers. Once harvested, it is processed, cut into planks, finished, and delivered for its end use. Timber is processed into many different products. Rough sawn timber is primarily used for construction. Its value is determined by its species, size, distance from processing, age, and end use. Defects, including damage, knots, and nails can reduce the value of a tree.

In addition to planks, timber is also sold in processed sheets. Plywood is constructed of timber cut thinly and bonded together, offering strength and durability over a large surface area. Waferboard and chipboard, like plywood, can cover a large surface area, but are constructed of smaller pieces of wood bonded together to create a sheet. Waferboard is comprised of wafer sized flattened pieces of wood which are bonded together. It is best used in rough or unfinished applications as it is difficult to process to a fine finish. Chipboard is constructed of small bits of ground wood bonded together. The surface of chipboard is smoother than that of waferboard, making it more appropriate for fine applications. Most processed sheets of wood must be treated before exposure to the elements to prevent swelling, warping, or degrading.

Construction timber, whether it is plank or sheet, is typically oak or pine, with pine being the less costly option. Oak is the strongest of the two woods, but its expensiveness prevents it from being used in large building applications such as wall studs or other framing. Pine is less costly and provides ample strength for large scale building applications, including framing. Oak is often reserved for projects requiring extra strength or fine finishing.

Timber quality is rated by grades and types. Rough sawn timber is generally straight and strong. It may contain knots or blemishes, but those do not detract from its strength. This is generally used in building applications which will be covered, such as framing for furniture and walls or for flooring underlayment. Joinery grade timber has fewer knots and a smoother finish, making more aesthetically pleasing. It is more costly and best used in visible applications including cabinets, furniture, trim, and mouldings.

It is believed that the increased demand for timber and timber supplies will likely continue. Building trends and land development point to growth in construction and related trades. Timber offers a number of benefits, making it an ideal material for construction. It is strong, long lasting, and can be processed into a variety of products. In most applications, it is easy to work with and it is a renewable resource.

DG Heath offers a variety of products including rough sawn timber for general building applications and joinery grade timber for finer internal applications. They also stock a variety of building supply products for indoor and outdoor projects. Customers can find treatments to preserve timber, fasteners, fencing materials, engineered flooring, maintenance free decking, and a large selection of power and hand tools.


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JDK Cleaning Enjoys 12 Months of Unprecedented Growth

By | Press Releases, JDK Cleaning

JDK Cleaning is pleased to report that the company has enjoyed an unprecedented year of growth and development.  From Dec 2017 to Dec 2018, year on year we have experienced a 15.75% increase in turnover. January, which is traditionally a quieter month, has seen a 166% growth on turnover compared to the same period last year.  We are predicting 2019 will be another record breaking year for JDK Cleaning Ltd.

This growth has come about through the company winning a number of substantial, commercial cleaning contracts including a contract to carry out refurbishment cleans at 52 Tesco stores throughout Wales and the South West of England commissioned by a national refurbishment company.   Other major contracts which JDK Cleaning Ltd has won over the past 12 months include the annual cleaning contract for a provider of student accommodation in Cardiff and Bath; refurbishment clean at the new Superbowl in Swansea; ongoing cleaning of the Oldwalls Collection and Fairy Hill in Gower; and, more recently a collection of large contracts for various works being carried out throughout Wales and the West.

As a result of these major contracts, the company has increased its on-site team with four additional members as well as a full-time Commercial Manager based at JDK’s headquarters in Fforestfach.  An additional van is also on order to complement the existing fleet.

In terms of equipment, JDK Cleaning has invested in new labour saving machines as well as other related equipment, enabling the company to continue to deliver the highest standard of service to its customers.

Commenting on these achievements, JDK Cleaning MD, Jack Kelleher, said, “Though the company has always grown year on year, the 12 months from January 2018 to January 2019 has been nothing short of exceptional.

“Over the past two years we have pulled out the stops when it comes to marketing our business as well as investing in staff training, which resulted in the company achieving the Chwarae Teg Exemplar Employer Award.  We have also achieved a number of all-important accreditations including CHAS and Constructionline and we are also a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science and the FSB.

“And as part of our ongoing commitment to customer service excellence, we have invested in Ezitracker, an attendance verification software, designed to monitor the hours worked by our cleaners at different sites.  The software provides us with a real-time verified report on the actual hours worked at our customers’ sites which is seamlessly integrated into our payroll system so that the actual hours worked are accurately matched against contracted hours.

“Going forward, we are aiming to continue to make similar investments over the coming year to enable us to improve our standards and efficiencies to our rapidly growing customer base.”

JDK Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning services to businesses across Wales and the South West including specialist venue cleaning and post-construction cleans too.   The company also offers a carpet cleaning service to both commercial and domestic clients across the region.


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Easy Move Removals Swansea Expands Removal Van Fleet

By | Press Releases, Easy Move Removals

Swansea based home removals company, Easy Move Removals, is expanding its removal van fleet to accommodate the growing demand for large house removals as well as commercial removal services.

The city’s fastest growing removal company has made the investment in a larger fleet in response to an increased demand for home removal services, particularly for bigger homes across the SA2 and SA3 area.

The company has an excellent reputation for delivering removal solutions for domestic and commercial customers across the Swansea Bay area. With more demand for bigger moves, the fleet expansion is a natural move for the expanding company.

Wayne Florance, MD of Easy Move Removals explained: “Easy Move continues to grow and with that has come to a pressing need to improve our move capacity. We’ve been considering expanding our fleet for a while and with this investment we can now provide more support for large domestic moves and office moves.”

A larger fleet with a bigger moving truck will provide a lot of benefits for Easy Move removals, allowing them to improve upon and roll out their services to a wider geographical reach.

“Having a bigger vehicle will make it a lot easier when taking on larger jobs and moving longer distances. It will also allow us to improve our national moving service, putting us in a position where we can offer better rates per cubic feet to the client,” continued Mr Florance. “Having a larger vehicle is also good for general office moves as we’ll be able to fit a large number of crates in it, especially heavy crates that tend to hold important documents such as files.

“Our main goal is to better the services that we currently provide. We’ve reached where we are today by always holding ourselves to the highest standards and striving for excellence. By adding a large vehicle to our fleet we’ll be taking a couple of steps forward in that regard, cementing our position as the number one moving team in the area. Ultimately, it all comes down to giving our customers more convenience and move options.”

Easy Move Removals are based on Fabian Way in Swansea and have experience in working with individuals, businesses, and organisations to help them to move their prized possessions efficiently and effectively. They also provide professional packing, storage and removal solutions for any type of removal requirement.


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By | Press Releases

Gorseinon-based accountants, Fergusons, have expanded their practice into Pontardawe through the integration of an existing firm, Harvey, Peters & Company, so creating Ferguson Peters.

All staff at the Pontardawe practice will retain their jobs, and the current acting partner, Peters will remain in post for the short term to assist in the transition.

Directors, Tracey Jones and Dean Beniamous, took over the Fergusons back in 2010. Since then, the practice has gone from strength to strength, increasing client numbers, offering support to niche markets and investing in the most modern accountant techniques and software, including products such as Xero.

Both practices are based in each of the town’s respective High Streets and the directors believe this gives them a huge advantage, being able to provide a truly local service to local people.

Commenting on the integration, Tracey says, “Dean and I have been looking at opportunities for expansion for a number of years, but up until now, couldn’t find the right match.  Harvey, Peters & Company already operates in a similar way to Fergusons and they have a very experienced and competent team in place. What’s more, we were keen to expand to an area where, like from our Gorseinon branch, clients feel they are getting a genuinely local and personalised service.

“The integration will be as seamless as possible and it will business and usual for the existing clients from both practices.”


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Laminate Flooring Supplier DG Heath Expands Showroom

By | Press Releases, DG Heath

DG Heath has announced they have expanded their showroom in order to include flooring choices. The new showroom space will contain flooring such as laminate, engineered, vinyl, and parquet along with their best known brand, Quick-Step Flooring.

DG Heath is a family run business that is more than just a laminate flooring supplier. The company also offers decking, fencing, doors, garden buildings, sheet materials, such as plywood and, of course, general timber.

Dean from DG Heath says, “The unique cutting facilities mean customers can take away any type of timber, measured and precisely cut to size. DG Heath staff will help with plans and provide expert advice on getting the best results. They can even recommend installers for customer projects if required.”

They provide the best quality and value for the look of the home, both inside and out with a wide array of home improvement merchandise that will fit any budget. DG Heath brings the best to their customers and the community they serve.

The store provides tips and know how to help out with any project from inside items such as furniture, insulation, and underfloor heating to putting up a fence or deck in the back yard. They will help their customers make sure they have everything they need for the project. With weekly deliveries their products are supplied quickly for either customer pick up or home delivery directly to the customer. Do not forget that they can answer any questions the customer has on any of the projects that DG Heath has the pieces or parts for.

Providing customers with the best services in timber is what DG Heath has been doing across Swansea and South Wales area since 1985. It is important for the company that their customers know they can receive the best timber products, tips, and help. It is part of their family values that come through in their flooring company.

The outside projects, garden structures, garden gates, roofing, gutters, and landscaping can all be found at DG Heath as well. Along with knowledgeable employees who can give guidance, answer questions, and provide help with things the customer will need but may not be thinking of such as hardware. They will make any outside project a breeze.

A good selection of hand tools, power tools, and accessories make sure that any project is doable. Not to mention items such as paint, glue, and silicone. It is a one stop shop that puts everything the customer needs right at their fingertips so no job is too big or difficult. Even the not so handy person can do a project with the help of DG Heath company.

Timber cut to size can be purchased at DG Heath including, plywood, joinery timber and moldings, and 6 categories of square cut timber, as well as, treatments and preservatives to keep the wood in good condition longer.

The special offers should be checked out monthly as they change each month. Another value that DG Heath gives its customers are items that are price reduced for the month while supplies last. For example the month of November there are 7 specials in deck range, and several other areas of the store have specials in them as well. Next month will be new special offers that the customers can take advantage of to save money.

More than just flooring, DG Heath is family owned and local, it serves the community and its people with reliable service, quality, and fair pricing. No matter the time of the year or the project, the community can depend on DG Heath to be there to help make it right allowing families to start making family heirlooms and traditions that can be passed down through the generations.

One last thing to know about DG Heath, they offer trade accounts. The account can be applied for online. Once it is approved, their branch manager will call to discuss potential orders and set up personalized terms so every time a request for a quote is made the pricing is consistent.


By | Press Releases, FMP

South Wales Motor Factors Company, FMP, who have depots in Swansea, Port Talbot and Carmarthen have opened a fourth depot in the Dafen Trade Park in Llanelli with the creation of 6 new jobs.

This development is to accommodate the growing client base in the Llanelli area and will enable the FMP team to service customers in this area more efficiently and effectively.  To this end the company has also added a further 5 delivery vehicles to their existing fleet of 31 vans.

Over the past 21 years, FMP has enjoyed consistent growth.  They first opened on Swansea High Street in 1997 and within just a few years, relocated to larger premises in Llansamlet. 2012 saw FMP venture into the paint market which has grown consistently year on year.   In 2013 they opened a second depot in Port Talbot to service the expanding client base along the M4 Corridor towards Cardiff; and a few month later, launched an industrial truck division, enabling the supply of all truck, trailer and bus parts to the commercial vehicle sector. In June 2016, the company opened its first West Wales branch in Carmarthen.

In 29018,  they acquired a new 4 x 4 motor parts division offering orders and deliveries of parts for Landrover and all other 4 x 4 vehicles from a newly depot at FMP’s Swansea branch in Llansamlet.

Commenting on the opening of the new Llanelli depot, Director Colin Thomas said, “We opened our Camarthen depot just over two years ago to better serve our customers in the West Wales area.  The new depot in Llanelli will enable us to improve this service with our Carmarthen team focussing further West and the Llanelli team the South West of the area. Naturally, our Swansea and Port Talbot teams will continue to provide a service to our customers further east along the M4 Corridor.”


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By | Press Releases, FMP

Local Motor Factor company, FMP, is leading the way in the delivery of annual MOT training and assessment.

From April 2016, the former five-year tester refresher training was replaced with a new model of annual training and assessment.  Since then a number of FMP’s customers, who tend to be mainly local garage owners offering MOT inspection testing services, asked if the company could help with the delivery of courses.

Seizing this opportunity, FMP has teamed up with experienced and qualified SMS MOT and Transport Consultant, Mike Williams to deliver the annual MOT training assessment at their depots in Swansea, Port Talbot and Carmarthen.  The additional benefit to individuals looking to undergo the new training is that, at the end of the FMP training course, they also have the opportunity to take their assessment test at the end of the training course rather than completing the assessment in their own time at a later date.

All individuals who deliver MOT inspection and testing have to undergo the new annual training and assessment or risk losing their licence.

Feedback to date has been very positive with participants appreciating the opportunity to get the training and assessment completed in one single three-hour session.   What’s more, the new training follows the continuing professional development (CPD) model allowing individuals to update their skills each year in manageable ‘bite-sized’ chunks.”

With two courses already completed, FMP is rolling out a calendar of training between now and the end of March.  Garage owners who haven’t undergone the training and assessment can contact FMP directly to book onto a course call 01693 823881 or 07721 994744.



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