Facebook – Why Local Business Need Facebook

Facebook is only second to Google in size and has a bigger community than most countries. As your customers use Facebook you have to be able to communicate with them effectively to be able to get your business message to them. As a local business you have probably noticed that companies with the budgets for television advertising now ask their target audience to join them on Facebook in all their promotions.

FacebookAs a local business you can’t ignore Facebook when it has such potential as a marketing tool.

There is a big difference between marketing online such as your website, or pay per click advertising, where the potential customer is actually searching for goods or services.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are what they are, social; which means you have to communicate to them in a different way.

One of the single biggest factors in using Facebook to drive potential customers to your business is that each member has provided all their personal demographic information such as age, likes and dislikes, favourite things and just about everything a marketer could possibly want to know to find their target audience.

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