Pay Per Click

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising is the small adverts you see at the top and down the right-hand side of the search engine results page. Yahoo started the trend before Google quickly become the dominant search engine and now Facebook offers their version.

Pay Per Click

The most important thing about PPC advertising is that you only pay the search engine if someone clicks on your advert.

When you compare that to traditional advertising where you pay for the advert upfront and hope you have the right copy and placed your advert in the right publication it is a very efficient method of finding new customers.

Is PPC Advertising Expensive?

The answer to that is yes and no!

When you set up pay per click advertising you are setting up a ‘campaign’ and we have seen many of our clients spend a lot of money with very little results because their campaign was set up poorly and they wasted money. Classic mistakes are paying a high cost per click just to be in one of the top positions on the results page together with poor advertising copy and not understanding that even the page on your website you send the visitor to all have a bearing on the cost charged by Google.

Setting up your campaign correctly can be profitable for your business and we show you how.

What About Existing Pay Per Click Campaigns?

If you are already running a campaign but would like to reduce costs and improve your profits then we can look at your campaign and suggest or implement changes to make it more profitable giving you a greater return on investments.

Can I Try Pay Per Click Advertising?

If you have never tried PPC advertising before but would like to try it before committing larger budgets we can set up a small campaign for you to get your feet wet and see if it is profitable for your business before spending larger budgets.

Pay Per Click Advertising – Next Steps

If you want to find out more about how ppc advertising works and the costs involved telephone us on 07977117907 and we will arrange a free consultation. It doesn’t matter if this is a new campaign or advice on an existing pay per click campaign, we are here to help.

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