By February 18, 2019 March 12th, 2019 Press Releases, FMP

Local Motor Factor company, FMP, is leading the way in the delivery of annual MOT training and assessment.

From April 2016, the former five-year tester refresher training was replaced with a new model of annual training and assessment.  Since then a number of FMP’s customers, who tend to be mainly local garage owners offering MOT inspection testing services, asked if the company could help with the delivery of courses.

Seizing this opportunity, FMP has teamed up with experienced and qualified SMS MOT and Transport Consultant, Mike Williams to deliver the annual MOT training assessment at their depots in Swansea, Port Talbot and Carmarthen.  The additional benefit to individuals looking to undergo the new training is that, at the end of the FMP training course, they also have the opportunity to take their assessment test at the end of the training course rather than completing the assessment in their own time at a later date.

All individuals who deliver MOT inspection and testing have to undergo the new annual training and assessment or risk losing their licence.

Feedback to date has been very positive with participants appreciating the opportunity to get the training and assessment completed in one single three-hour session.   What’s more, the new training follows the continuing professional development (CPD) model allowing individuals to update their skills each year in manageable ‘bite-sized’ chunks.”

With two courses already completed, FMP is rolling out a calendar of training between now and the end of March.  Garage owners who haven’t undergone the training and assessment can contact FMP directly to book onto a course call 01693 823881 or 07721 994744.



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