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Swansea Business Marketing Special Offer

Our Web Design Special Offer

  • A fully optimised website to rank high on the search engines.
  • A FREE high quality video for your homepage advertising your goods or services (valued at £197)
  • A website built on WordPress allowing you to update your website whenever you want (we show you how easy it is to use)
  • 5 pages of content based on your main “keywords”
  • Contact us page
  • About us page (your business details, history etc.)
  • Privacy policy page
  • Sitemap (so Google can find the details of your site quickly and efficiently for high rankings

All of the above and the Bonus listed below for just £597

This business package is aimed at local businesses who genuinely want to use the internet to generate new business

Website Design Swansea

A website design Swansea Business Marketing will fully optimise to get you and your business highly ranked in Google and the other search engines!

Before spending money on web design Swansea businesses need to realise that a website will not add value to your business if it is not fully optimised to rank on page one of Google.

It will not add value to your business if the design is all about looking flashy and appealing to egos instead of being built to work for the business and generate profits.

You can have the flashiest most beautiful website in the world but it isn’t found when your customers go searching online – nothing happens!

If you are looking for customers or clients in Swansea, South Wales or the UK you MUST be on page one of Google to be successful.

Don’t Fall Behind Your Competitors

The Kesley Group recently reported that 74% of internet users perform local searches. This means that your potential customers or clients are searching on Google using terms such as Swansea plumber, garage in Swansea, Swansea hairdressers etc.

Your competitors have become more aware of this as recent figures released shows that spend on internet advertising has outgrown that spent on T.V. advertising!

We’ll show you how you can get ahead and be a leader in your market.

Website Design Swansea

Rising Costs Eat Into Margins – No Money To Advertise And You Know You Should!

With costs and taxes rising all the time it has squeezed the margins and profits of local businesses making it harder to find the necessary funds to keep up your marketing.

These tighter margins means you have to cut your cloth to suit the circumstances which in itself can result in less turnover and less profits, a vicious downwards spiral.

We’ll show you how to reduce your advertising costs and spend what budget you do have on marketing that is profitable.

Falling Numbers of Customers Resulting In A Failing Business

As you reduce your spend on advertising you reduce your exposure to potential new customers or clients. Those businesses that win new customers can continue to re-invest and expand, those that fail to win new custom begin to wither and die.

Finding new customers in the past was expensive and to some extent luck as traditional advertising failed to track results so even the bigger budget companies didn’t know whether their Yellow Pages and T.V. advertising was working or not?

We’ll show you how for very little investment you can start your online presence and instantly start measuring your success and the profit made for every penny spent.

Website Design Swansea

How To Get More Customers And Clients

The reason that the internet is growing so rapidly is because it is very profitable for those who have learnt to harness its power.

Billions are being spent on the internet every day and 43% of searches carried out daily 24/7 were for local businesses or local services.

More importantly for Swansea business owners, 92% of all UK searches are on Google and in a recent Channel 4 program discussing the internet they revealed that Swansea has more online buyers than anywhere else in the UK!

The potential for any Swansea business is enormous.

Reducing Your Marketing Costs

One of the biggest problems with traditional marketing is the expense and the difficulty of measuring the results to know if it is effective.

Did your recent customers find you by:

  • Word of mouth
  • Evening Post
  • The Wave
  • Leaflet Drops
  • Direct Mail
  • Magazine Article or Advert

Where did they come from and how do you know? Think about it, it’s nearly impossible for the local business owner to know the right place to spend his/her money, it’s mostly guess work.

Now your website on the other hand can be designed with tracking built in so you will be able to track:

  • Where the visitor came from to reach your site
  • Which pages they visited on your site, and
  • After they have been to your sales page(s) you will have all the data you need to fully understand your customer and how much each customer is costing you to aquire.

Now isn’t that the right way to build a business and ensure that each penny you spend is working for you?

Website Design Swansea: Controlled Business Growth

One of the real powerful uses of marketing online is you can control the growth of your business. Just as having a fall in customer numbers can be detrimental to your business, so can rapid growth.

Too rapid that is!

We have seen businesses hurt themselves and their reputations due to rapid growth in customers or clients without the necessary systems in place to cope.

We’ll show you how you can control how you build your presence online so that you are ready for each cycle of growth where and when you decide for your business.

Web Design Swansea

Website Design Swansea: Special Offer Details

We are based in Swansea and want to help local companies succeed with their online marketing.

Here’s what you get:

  • A fully optimised website that is search engine friendly to obtain the highest rankings for your website.
  • Free – All images and header graphics done by our staff. (Value £197)
  • Free – Thesis theme which has built in search engine optimisation and the flexiblity to change the look and feel of your website at the press of a button. One of the most professional and popular themes available (Value £62)
  • Free – Keyword analysis for your goods, services or business to ensure your website is targeting your potential customers and clients. Keywords are the phrases you type into the search engine when searching for information (Value £97)

All of these are part of your package for free. (Total value £356)

Why are we including them with your website?

For good business reasons:

  • We want you to succeed and by including the above extras free of charge we get you off to a great start
  • We want you to be profitable and by keeping the initial costs down you can get started online with a website that will work for you and help build your profits from the start.
  • We want you to be happy with our website design and services so that you remain a long term customer and refer us to other businesses that need our help ensuring our long term growth.

You only pay for your website which costs £597 for our optimised local business designs (excludes store fronts and corporate websites).

We can only offer a limited number of packages as we do control our own expansion so this has to be a limited offer. Once we are sold out we will revert to our normal pricing.

For a free consultation and an opportunity to buy one of the few remaining Special Offer Packages act quickly:

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