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Before we start talking about off-page SEO please remember none of this will have a big impact if you don’t get your on-page SEO correct first. Your priority is always to start with your on-page SEO and then you can start looking at your off-page SEO to improve your rankings.

What is off-page SEO?

Basically off-page SEO refers to all the activities that happen away from your website. These activities can be by yourself or may actually be undertaken by others.

In the past many people thought of off-page SEO as the simple process of building backlinks to your website. However in the modern era, and has Google has got smarter, there is more to the off-page SEO then just building backlinks and that’s what we’re going to discuss here in this article.

Link Building

Link building isn’t just a numbers game. If you have 10 times more links than your competitors it doesn’t mean that Google is going to rank you higher in the search engine than your competitors. There’s a lot more going on in the background than just the sheer volume of links.

Quality of Link

If you had 20 links coming from various websites where you’ve left a comment on those websites and then you compare that to just one link coming from bbc.co.uk or skynews.com which link do you think is going to give your business the biggest boost when it comes to the search engines?

That’s right … the ones from the big authority sites. The quality of the link plays an important factor in helping you rank higher in the search engines.


Another factor is the text or the keywords used when linking back to your website from the article or the blog post or wherever this this link is coming from. The keywords or the text helps Google understand what your particular webpage is all about.

If your link has the keyword ‘bulldog puppies’ then Google will assume or start to build a picture that the page the link is pointing to might be about bulldog puppies.

Inbound Numbers

I’ve already commented that the quality of the links is very important. Numbers does come into it when you’re looking at volume.

Take a company like Amazon and Google. They have millions of people linking to them which is why these domains are so powerful and why every page on their website tend to rank because of the sheer volume of links going to the website in total ... making them very powerful domains.


Google will also look at whether it can trust the link. Is the link coming from a trustworthy website?

If you have a link from a friends blog post compared to having a link from Sky Sports, Sky News, or any of the big websites, the trust comes from the authority of the website providing the link.

Local businesses can start building links from trustworthy sites with citation sites such as Yell.com, Apple maps, all of these citation sites are trustworthy in Googles eyes and by registering your business on these directories you can start building your network of back links to your business website.


You can have a links to your site from social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and more importantly, on these particular types of platforms, people can share links so you could have numerous links coming from the Facebook platform to your website.

For Google this helps build your brand recognition as well as providing back links.

Sources of Links

There are just so many sources fall back links to your website that it would be impossible to have a complete list here but he is just a quick guide to some sources of back links to your business website:

·     Press releases

·     Social platforms

·     Guest posts

·     Articles

·     Videos such as YouTube

·     Citations on business directories

·     Local directories

·     Professional directories

Internal Linking

One area of Link building that many people forget about or don’t even know about is internal linking. These are the links on your website linking one webpage to another.

Google loves internal links:

·     Internal links help people navigate within your site

·     They keep people on your website longer

·     The links are usually text or keyword rich so when you’re linking for one page to another Google knows what that page is about

All of these are ranking factors


SEO is about getting your website ranked higher in the search engines so you get more traffic.

From 2010 to 2019 nearly 7X growth

In 2019 this local client had 61004 visitors ... that's 167 visitors per day to a local business website here in Swansea.

Client Example Growth

Choosing The Right SEO Agency

We all want the same thing ... new customers or clients calling us and wanting to pay us for our goods or services.

To achieve that they need to find you. That means ranking high on Google and Google Maps, and having everything in place on your website to ensure you can keep your brand in front of the 97% people who did not make a decision today.

Ranking your website and other online assets through seo strategies is just one part of the overall marketing strategies we provide as part of our ongoing service

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