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Step 3 - Off-Page SEO

Once the foundation steps form steps one and two are in place, step three is where all the activity takes place to boost your rankings and to get you to rank higher on the search engines.

Since all search engine optimisation is in fact a form of manipulation all of these activities take place over a period of time. This ensures Google accepts the activities and growth of backlinks as a natural part of the growth of your business.

·     Google My Business

·     Branding

·     Citations

·     Guest Posts

·     Web2.0 links

·     Competitor Analysis

Google My Business

Google My Business is an online asset provided free of charge by Google. It is a very powerful platform that enables you to present your brand in the way you want it to be seen. It is necessary to fully complete all sections in the Google My Business platform, everything from information about your business, your hours, images, videos, recent news etc.

If you optimise Google My Business correctly you can you can use this platform to inform Google about your services or goods, and the areas that you supply the services or goods. Thereby helping Google understand how your local business operates and where it wants to operate.

In step four you will see how we use Google My Business to push your business in the local market, to build your brand, and outshine your competitors when customers are looking for potential goods or services.


Branding is also an important part of search engine optimisation. When people recognise your brand in a set of search results they are more likely to click on your brand, therefore building up your brand is important to increase your click through rate, which also has a positive effect on your search engine optimisation.

That is why we will check the set ups for your existing social platforms such as your Facebook business page, your YouTube channel, your Twitter account, your Instagram account, and all the other social platforms that you may or may not be using. We will ensure that they are fully branded and on topic. They will all be optimised because they all have a positive effect on your search engine ranking.

In the earlier steps of this process we did comment on the fact that there is a lot of crossover when it comes to the four step process. For instance, we will always add your social media brands to your schema code to let Google know exactly where your brand can be found and what platforms your brand is located on.

All of this helps Google understand that you are a major player in your niche in your local market and that you are serious about your business and your brand.

Backlinks And Why They Are Important

When all the foundations are in place backlinks are by far the most important part of SEO. A backlink simply means a link from another site, another platform, back to one of your webpages, or could even be a link from another site, another platform, to one of your social media properties. And don’t forget your social media properties are linked back to your website so again indirectly it’s linking to your website.

In a simple way, backlinks do two things, number one it’s a vote for your website or your webpage, and number two, it indicates what that webpage is all about. Let me explain further.

Now believe me when I say that’s a very simplistic overview. It’s a lot more technical than than that. But just understand that links are very important and where they come from is also very important. The more powerful the site supplying the link the better it is for your SEO. Let’s have a look at the various places where we can get these backlinks to your website and how we build them over time so your website builds domain authority.


Citations are probably the easiest of all backlinks to obtain for any business webpage or website. Citations are simply listings in directories, and other similar platforms. However, I need to emphasise that these listings have to be consistent and we talk about them as NAP listings with the Name, Address and Phone number are all identical so that Google knows all of these listings are about the same business and location.

What is important when we collect the citations is that they are from the correct directories and platforms for your business. There are thousands upon thousands of directories out there. We ensure that your business is listed on the right directories to maximise the SEO benefits for your business.

Depending upon your business niche some of these directories can actually bring you traffic but we consider any traffic a bonus as opposed to a source of new business or customers.

Guest Posts

A guest post is where there is an article related to your business on another website anywhere in the world and that article links back to your website two things are happening here

1.    Google can see the 'topic' of the article or the blog post

2.    And it sees a link is linked to your website which is about the same topic. This is a very powerful link … even more so if it comes from a very powerful blog.

We have access to a very powerful network of blogs that provide very powerful backlinks to our clients websites and overtime build the authority of our clients domains.

By providing a steady flow of new blog articles and links back to client websites the website builds domain authority which makes all of the webpages on the website easier to rank.

Web2.0 Links

We target Web 2.0 links to ensure our clients have a mix of backlinks coming to their website. These links are not as powerful as guest post links but in volume provides good signals to Google that your website is worthy of ranking. When mixed with the other types of links it all helps to rank the website and web pages higher.

In the same way that we provide a steady flow of guest posts, we also provide a steady flow of web 2.0 links. We are steadily building the volume and power of the links going to your website over time.

Competitor Analysis

These are just a few examples of where and how we create backlinks for your website.

One of the key tasks we carry out is to analyse the backlinks going to your competitors. After all, if Google has ranked a webpage higher than yours for a particular keyword it stands to reason that Google sees something more beneficial about that particular webpage.

By finding out what backlinks your competitor has going to their webpage we can see if there’s any that we can identify and use on your website. By doing this to all of your competitors, over time we build a portfolio of backlinks covering all of your competitors.

Final Words On Backlinks

If done wrong, backlinks can create problems for your rankings with Google. That is why we work to a schedule, to a steady pace, and build your backlinks naturally in the eyes of Google. This insures that you never fall foul of any of the updates, rules, or changes and everything is aboveboard.

By working this way, we ensure our clients websites are safe, and are building their domain authority every single month until they dominate the competition.


SEO is about getting your website ranked higher in the search engines so you get more traffic.

From 2010 to 2019 nearly 7X growth

In 2019 this local client had 61004 visitors ... that's 167 visitors per day to a local business website here in Swansea.

Client Example Growth

Choosing The Right SEO Agency

We all want the same thing ... new customers or clients calling us and wanting to pay us for our goods or services.

To achieve that they need to find you. That means ranking high on Google and Google Maps, and having everything in place on your website to ensure you can keep your brand in front of the 97% people who did not make a decision today.

Ranking your website and other online assets through seo strategies is just one part of the overall marketing strategies we provide as part of our ongoing service

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