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What is Technical SEO?

You’ve built a beautiful website, completed all of the on-page SEO and are now ready to launch. 

Technical SEO refers to the process of where you optimise your website for the crawling and indexing phase. Technical SEO helps the search engines access, crawl, understand and index the pages of your website.

However even if Google does index your web pages it doesn’t mean that you’ve completed the job.

That’s because for your website to be fully optimised for technical SEO, your web pages will need to be secure (SSL), mobile-first, free of duplicate content, fast loading, and many more.

Improving your websites technical SEO means checking:


·     Javascript

·     Sitemaps

·     Site architecture

·     URL structure

·     Structured data

·     Thin content

·     Duplicate content

·     Schema

·     404 pages

·     301 redirects

·     And many more …


Let’s take a look at a few of the things that you can do to help the technical SEO side of helping your website rank.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is very SEO friendly and that’s because breadcrumbs automatically add internal links to categories and some pages on your website, and we already mentioned in the off-page SEO article that Google loves internal linking.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed can be a critical factor when it comes to ranking especially if you're particular webpage loads slowly because you have under optimised images, or other factors on the page that slow it down when loading.

This has become even more important because of Google’s mobile first.

To improve your we page load time you can compress images fully and remove any content that isn’t adding value to the visitor.

Simply put … a lean page loads faster.

XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps could be considered the second most important source for Google to be able to find all of the URLs on your website.

You can locate sitemaps on your Google Search Console and submit the sitemap there so Google can index all of your webpages.

Duplicate/Thin Content

Duplicate content can turn up on any website especially websites built on the WordPress platform. This is because the other way the database is constructed and you can have multiple versions of the same page on different URLs

Business websites can have the same issue when it comes to thin content.

This might be where you are providing the same range of services but in different areas in your town or nearby cities and therefore the content tends to be repeating itself on each page with only the city or town being the variation.

Schema/Structured data

Whilst there is no direct evidence that adding schema code to your web page will increase its ranking, it can improve your click through rate because of the rich snippets generated.

Rich snippets for your 5 star reviews or faq’s (frequently asked questions) can take up more real estate on the search results page and because they stand out result in a higher click through rate to your website.

Getting your technical SEO right will help Google and the other search engines crawl across, and index your webpages that much better, giving you the best possible chance to rank higher in the search engines.


SEO is about getting your website ranked higher in the search engines so you get more traffic.

From 2010 to 2019 nearly 7X growth

In 2019 this local client had 61004 visitors ... that's 167 visitors per day to a local business website here in Swansea.

Client Example Growth

Choosing The Right SEO Agency

We all want the same thing ... new customers or clients calling us and wanting to pay us for our goods or services.

To achieve that they need to find you. That means ranking high on Google and Google Maps, and having everything in place on your website to ensure you can keep your brand in front of the 97% people who did not make a decision today.

Ranking your website and other online assets through seo strategies is just one part of the overall marketing strategies we provide as part of our ongoing service

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