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Step 1 - Foundation 

Step one is all about laying the foundations to ensure we have a successful SEO strategy. Whilst we have laid this out as Step 1 - Step 4 please understand that lots of elements crossover in different areas of each step so this is just a guideline to show you some elements of work we carry out on your behalf.

·     Client Fact Find

·     Keyword Research

·     Mobile First Website

·     Website Structure

·     Images

Step 1 full details ...

Step 2 - Technical SEO

Step two is the technical side of building your website for Search engine optimisation. Whilst there are many aspects to technical SEO, at its core we are ensuring that the Google box can crawl and index your site easily and for maximum impact for the search engine results.

·     In-depth keyword research

·     Speed Testing Webpages

·     Schema

·     Rich Snippets

Step 2 full details ...

Step 3 - Off-Page SEO

Once the foundation steps form steps one and two are in place, step three is where all the activity takes place to boost your rankings and to get you to rank higher on the search engines.

Since all search engine optimisation is in fact a form of manipulation all of these activities take place over a period of time. This ensures Google accepts the activities and growth of backlinks as a natural part of the growth of your business.

·     Google My Business

·     Branding

·     Citations

·     Guest Posts

·     Web2.0 links

·     Competitor Analysis

Step 3 full details ...

Step 4 - Local SEO and Marketing

Steps 1 - 3 have started building your domain authority and started getting your webpages ranking higher for various keywords, thereby driving more traffic to your webpages, onto your website, and if the design is set up correctly, converting them into customers.

Search engine optimisation, getting your webpages to rank higher to drive more traffic, is just one aspect of local marketing. Here in step four we’re going to look at all of the other options open to you to increase your traffic, increase your sales, and thereby increase your profits.

·     GMB Posts

·     GMB Images

·     GMB Post Sharing

·     Facebook Video Campaigns

·     Remarketing

·     New Content

Step 4 full details ...


SEO is about getting your website ranked higher in the search engines so you get more traffic.

From 2010 to 2019 nearly 7X growth

In 2019 this local client had 61004 visitors ... that's 167 visitors per day to a local business website here in Swansea.

Client Example Growth

Choosing The Right SEO Agency

We all want the same thing ... new customers or clients calling us and wanting to pay us for our goods or services.

To achieve that they need to find you. That means ranking high on Google and Google Maps, and having everything in place on your website to ensure you can keep your brand in front of the 97% people who did not make a decision today.

Ranking your website and other online assets through seo strategies is just one part of the overall marketing strategies we provide as part of our ongoing service

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