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Step 2 - Technical SEO

Step two is the technical side of building your website for Search engine optimisation. Whilst there are many aspects to technical SEO, at its core we are ensuring that the Google box can crawl and index your site easily and for maximum impact for the search engine results.

·     In-depth keyword research

·     Speed Testing Webpages

·     Schema

·     Rich Snippets

In-depth Keyword Research

At this stage we take an in-depth look at your keyword research. This is where we make plans for now and for the future of your website, to ensure it’s built out in a structured manner targeting the keywords for your target audience and target areas that you’ve already specified.

This phase of the keyword research can also include your competitors. Each of your competitors websites are also targeting specific keywords. We have the tools to ensure that we can find the keywords your competitors are using and add them to your ongoing keyword list.

Your keyword list will usually start off broad. Using the plumber example that we used previously you may have the keyword 'central heating'.

Now that we are building your keyword list out, we're looking for long tail keywords such as 'central heating engineer' or 'gas safe registered central heating engineer' which is an even longer longtailed keyword. These are the keywords considered to be the 'low hanging fruit' that usually rank first.

Also note that longtailed keyword can actually be nearer the buying phase. They tend to be people looking for more specific services or goods which usually means they want to take action.

Also note that longtailed keyword can actually be nearer the buying phase. They tend to be people looking for more specific services or goods which usually means they want to take action.

Having a full and comprehensive list of keywords that are being added to your site now and in the future enables us to put a structure into the site so that’s fully SCO optimised as we build out these long tail keywords and your main keywords.

Speed Testing Web Pages

We keep emphasising the importance of mobile first because it’s what Google is using to index any new website any expanding website. This means that as you construct your website you’re always trying to minimise the amount of data each webpage uses for faster loading.

 Here is a link to the Google speed test ...

 When Google carries out a speed test on your webpage you enter the URL and Google will run a test to see how fast the page loads and give you information and data as to where it may see problems on your webpage.

 Google presents two sets of results when running a speed test, one for your mobile version of your website and a speed test for the desktop version of your website both of these are very important figures.

Google Mobile Speed Test

Above is the result from testing a mobile version of an Amazon product page. As you would expect an Amazon product page has so much information and lots of images, you would expect it to be slow. So you can see how data slows any webpage down.

Google Desktop Speed Test

Compare this to the webpage below that has been fully optimised for mobile first. You can see that it is far superior in speed compared to the Amazon page. This is what Google is looking for and why it put so much emphasis on mobile first websites.

Mobile First Speed Test

Having a mobile first website gives you an advantage over your direct competitors.


Schema is code that is added to your website so that the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the major search engine platforms, can fully understand what your webpage is all about and the elements that are on your webpage.

Whilst the search engines are very clever in reading your text, your images and videos, and other elements. Adding schema code means you can tell the search engines exactly what your business does, the hours of operation, your brand, your address, all the important information a local business needs to share in an exact format.

This is why we carry out an in-depth fact find with you at the beginning of the process to ensure that we can write schema code for your business.

Rich Snippets

Below you can see where we have run a test on a clients webpage and you can see that Google has detected rich snippets for frequently asked questions, the fact that it is a local business, its logo, and review snippets. Google could show these as rich snippets on its search engine.

Rich Snippets Test

As you can see rich snippets stand out compared to the normal listings and and generate higher click through rates. As a local business higher click through rates means more visitors to your website and more potential customers.

Rich Snippet Example

Technical SEO is all part of the foundation of getting your website ready for all the exciting actions we’re going to take in steps three and four. Getting the technicalities set up correctly with site structure, content, URL's, keyword, optimisation, schema, etc. will give you an advantage over your local competition.


SEO is about getting your website ranked higher in the search engines so you get more traffic.

From 2010 to 2019 nearly 7X growth

In 2019 this local client had 61004 visitors ... that's 167 visitors per day to a local business website here in Swansea.

Client Example Growth

Choosing The Right SEO Agency

We all want the same thing ... new customers or clients calling us and wanting to pay us for our goods or services.

To achieve that they need to find you. That means ranking high on Google and Google Maps, and having everything in place on your website to ensure you can keep your brand in front of the 97% people who did not make a decision today.

Ranking your website and other online assets through seo strategies is just one part of the overall marketing strategies we provide as part of our ongoing service

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